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Magic Face C7-Leaf


Tap face to change the front colorFeature:4 front colorsStunning design with minimal style, Simply brilliant.
How digital watch face look like? With the colorful time front , you could see here two green leaves are playing key rules in this face this time, small but important. Artistic and unique, hope you like it.
More facesIf you like Leaf, feel free to try our new watchface platform Magic Watchface, all the original faces created by Magic team are here: can also search magic face on Google Play to find more of our works.
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Our Email: magicwatchface@gmail.comSeeing more details please refer the below “Contact us”
Besides, we do really understand sometimes for some reasons our faces might not work well on your watch. DON’T WORRY, If you still don’t know how to set it, please let us know and we will help with it immediately.
✔ Sometimes you need to wait for App to be matched to watch (which might depend on your phone condition and Android Wear version.)✔ If the face is not shown on your watch after installing for a couple of mins, then you could try re-sync it, or follow the below steps:
1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone).2. Uninstall the face.3. Restart watch and connect to your phone again.4. Finally install the face and select “resync apps”in settings
- ONLY supports Android Wear 5.0 and higher version.
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